• 10' wide x 6' deep pressure treated barnstyle Malvern Heavy Duty Pent, shown with georgian windows and door left of front

Malvern Heavy Duty Pent

Standard Features

• All ridge heights under 2.5m
• Heavy duty framework throughout
• Additional diagonal framework for extra rigidity and strength
• 19mm heavy duty floor
• Pressure treated floor joists
• Tongue and groove timber roof and floor
• 38kg heavy duty green polyester mineral felt
• Fully framed, ledged and braced single door
• 3 lever mortice lock
• 3 heavy duty antique style hinges per door
• Security screws fitted to hinges
• 12" roof overhang
• Joinery made fixed and lockable windows
• High quality timber treatment applied throughout prior to delivery (floor only on pressure treated deal models)

Options Available

• A choice of six cladding styles
• Medium Oak Aquastain finish (excluding pressure treated)
• Coloured painted finish
• 38kg heavy duty black or red polyester mineral felt
• Tongue and groove lining plus insulation
• Georgian style windows
• Integral Tidystore conversion
• Heavy duty workbenches and shelves
• Double door upgrade

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