• 10’ x 8’ Ashton with square leaded windows and doors
  • 12' x 8' Ashton with Georgian double glazed windows and doors
  • 10’ x 8’ Ashton with square leaded windows and doors.
  • 10’ x 8’ Ashton with square leaded windows and doors.
  • 12’ x 8’ Ashton with Georgian windows and doors.

the Ashton

The Ashton is the picture of the traditionally designed timeless English summerhouse made from Western Red Cedar which is renowned for its natural beauty and warmth. This pretty and versatile garden room can be used for many different activities, simply a room to relax and unwind, entertain and dine or even a room to work from. The Ashton is available in twelve different sizes.

The Ashton range has a beautiful pressure treated cedar shingle roof and honeydew MDF internal lining as standard. A comprehensive paint system to both protect and decorate is applied as standard. A wide range of colours are available.Windows and doors are fitted with clear single glazing. Georgian or leaded style windows and double glazing are available as optional upgrades. Brass window and door furniture are fitted as standard. Each model has a set of double locking doors to the front with fixed windows either side and two opening windows on both side sections.

Optional upgrades

  • Georgian or leaded windows and doors:
    Change the look of your building by upgrading to either Georgian or leaded style windows and doors.
  • Double glazed windows and doors:
    Add double glazing to your summerhouse where extra insulation is required and to reduce heat loss. Please note single glazed options have a curved top and double glazed have a straight top design (see photos for examples of this)
  • Insulated walls, floor and roof:
    Add ufoil to the roof, walls and floor to provide extra insulation and give the building a damp course membrane throughout.
  • Laminate floor options:
    Decorate the floor of your summerhouse with one of the many laminate floor choices available.
  • Chrome window and door furniture:
    As standard your building comes with brass window and door furniture, alternatively this can be upgraded to chrome.


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